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Descendants of Arnulf Bishop of Metz Father of Ansegis

46. Generation

100. Mary Naylor (John Naylor , John Naylor , Mary Lane , Jennett Cowgill , Ralph Cowgill , Thomas Stackhouse , John Stackhouse , Agnes Carr , Thomas Carr , John II Carr , de Clavering , Robert de Clavering , John de Clavering , Robert III de Clavering , Robert II de Clavering , John de Clavering , Robert I de Clavering , William de Clavering , Alan de Clavering , Roger FitzJohn , John FitzRobert , Robert FitzRoger , Roger FitzRichard , Richard FitzEstuace , Estace FitzJohn , John FitzEstuace , Estace FitzJohn deBURGH , John deBURGH , Count of Flander Baldwin , Guy White Beard , Arnoul , William I , Roger de l'Outre Mer , Herlewin II , Helgaud II , Herlewin , Helgaud , Chronicler of th Nithard , Bertha , Charles theGreat Charlemagne , King of Franks Pepin The Short , Charles Martel , Duke Pepin , Mayor of Palace of Austrasia Ansegis , Bishop of Metz ) was born in 1787 in Southampton, Bucks, Pa. She died on 3 Sep 1855 in Pennsville, Morgan, Oh. She was buried in Sep 1855 in Pennsville, Morgan Co., Ohio.


Mary married Thomas Jones son of Jacob Jones and Elizabeth Peregoy on 19 Jun 1809 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland. Thomas was born on 3 Nov 1787 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland. He died on 5 Jun 1869 in Pennsville, Morgan Co., Ohio. He was buried on 5 Jun 1869 in Pennsville, Morgan Co., Ohio.


Thomas and Mary had the following children:

+ 104 M i James Naylor Jones was born on 3 Apr 1810. He died on 13 Aug 1865.
+ 105 M ii Elisha Jones was born on 11 Jun 1813. He died on 18 Aug 1880.
  106 M iii Jacob Jones was born in 1815 in Wayne Twp., Jefferson, Oh. He died in 1885. [Notes]
        Jacob married Hannah Worrell on 31 Oct 1836 in , , Ohio. Hannah was born about 1815. [Notes]
  107 F iv Elizabeth Ann Jones was born in Oct 1821 in Wayne Twp., Jefferson, Oh. [Notes]
        Elizabeth married James C. W. Evans on 17 Sep 1840 in , , Ohio. James was born about 1821. [Notes]
  108 F v Margaret Jones.
        Margaret married Young.
  109 F vi Mary Jane Jones.
  110 F vii Rachel Jones.

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