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Descendants of Arnulf Bishop of Metz Father of Ansegis


161. James Levi Jones Farmer

Born: 4 Jun 1901--Hibbard, Madison County, Idaho
Blessed: 7 Jul 1901 by Orson Ricks
Baptized: 3 September 1909 by Fred Parker
Confirmed: 5 September 1909 by Cecil T. Clements
Endowed: 26 Mar 1981--Logan Temple
Died: 2 Dec 1973--Rexburg, Madison Co. Idaho
Buried: 5 Dec 1973--Annis Little Butte Cemetery, Annis, Jefferson, Idaho

Parents Names: Charles Jesperson Jones Carrie Charlotte Keppner.

Blessed-7 Nov 1909 by John H. Anderson. LDS Church Records Film
#026,082 356 & 596.
!MARRIAGE: Copy of Idaho certificate #86455.
!DEATH: Copy of Idaho certificate File# 6161.Picture of headstone.
!BURIAL: Copy of funeral home record.

Fern Etta Hayes Farmwife

Blessed: 7 Nov 1909 by John H. Anderson
Baptized: 1 May 1920 by Omer S. Cordon
Confirmed: 2 May 1920 by Orson P. Burr in Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho
Endowed: 21 Jan 1983 by Proxy in Jordan River Temple
Married: 27 Sep 1928 by Chas. J. Upham--Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
Sealed to Husband: 6 Dec 1982--Jordan River Temple
Sealed to Parents: 1 Feb 1983--Jordan River Temple
Died: 7 Aug 1976--Rexburg, Madison, Idaho
Buried: Annis Little Butte Cemetery, Annis, Jefferson, Idaho

BLESSING: LDS Church records film# 026,082 #356 #596.
!BAPTISM: by O. S. Cordon LDS Church records film# 007,288 #707.
!CONFIRMATION: by Orson P. Burr LDS Church records film# 007,288 #707.
!MARRIAGE: Copy of certificate File# 86455.
!DEATH: copy of certificate File# 4137.
!BURIAL: Funeral Home record, funeral program, and picture of headstone.

283. Merlon Jones

Blessed: 5 Dec 1930 by Hugh A. Wright
Buried: 8 Dec 1930--Sugar City Cemetery, Sugar City, Madison, Idaho

BIRTH: LDS Church records Film# 007,470 #90.
!BLESSING: LDS Church records Film# 007,470 #90.
!DEATH: Copy of Idaho certificate. File# 73.
!BURIED: Picture of headstone.

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