Descendants of Augustus Edward Bayol Sr.


Frances Margaretta Palmer

William David Holloway

Hiram Doye Taylor


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Descendants of Augustus Edward Bayol Sr.

Name Index


Annie Ward b.1890 - Selma, Al
Augustus Edward Jr. b.1865 - Demopolis, Al
Augustus Edward Sr. b.1839 - Demopolis, , AL
Augustus Follin b.1889 - Marion Station, MS
Clyde Augustus b.1903 - Montgomery, AL


Katie Lewis b.1841 - Demopolis, , AL


AnnaRay Lindsey -
Brian Lewis b.1981 -
Isaac Jacob b.2004 - Tifton, Tift county Georgia.


Marcia -


Jack -


Augustus William b.1921 - Greensburo, Hale County, Al
Frances Helen b.1919 - Greensburo, Al
Joseph Elbert b.1921 - Greensburo, Hale County, Al
William David b.1883 - Dallas Co. al


Frances Margaretta b.1869 - Milton, , Ga


Sonya C b.1959 - Adel, Cook Co. Georgia


Julie Lynn b.1962 - Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia


Ashley Helen -
Benjamin James -
Hiram Doye b.1921 - Cecil Georgia
Jacob Christopher Hiram b.1983 - Tifton, Tift Co. Georgia
John Ray b.1958 - Clearwater Florida
Matthew Hiram -
Melisa Ella -
Morris Wayne b.1947 - Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co. al
Sarah Dianne b.1984 - Valdosta, Lowndes Co. Georgia
Stephanie Devalle b.1977 - Hahira, Lowndes Co. Georgia


Eden Grace b.2004 - Valdosta, Georgia
Haley Rae b.1997 - Valdosta, Lowndes, Gerogia
Jody Allan b.1975 - Valdosta, Lowndes Co. Georgia
McKenzie Taylor b.1999 - Tifton, Tift, GA

Surname List


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